Roe Deer Observation Center – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Roe Deer Observation Center

Roe Deer Observation Center, opened in August 2007, offers a place where you may observe and watch over 200 roe deer romping around the field. Also, the park has a theatre in which you may learn about the life of a roe deer. Moreover, a wide variety of programs are offered to the visitors including eco-life experience program and feeding roe deer. City Tour Bus program is also available for those who wish to take a tour around the park on a bus.

How To Go There:

From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 300 or 38 to Dongmun Rotary (동문로터리).
– Transfer to Bus 1 and get off at Jeolmul Recreation Forest (절물자연휴양림).
– Roe Deer Observation Center is about 500m away from the bus stop.

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