Maze Land – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Maze Land

Maze Land is a themed park boasting the world’s longest stone maze, measuring roughly 5.3km in total length. The maze is made mainly using stone and wood found on Jeju and is created to reflect the Jeju principle of “three somethings” (Samda), which describes the things abundant on Jeju Island: rocks, wind, and women. Not just a fun activity for you and your friends, the maze is also good for your health, as the stone emits high levels of far-infrared radiation and the wood (T. occidentalis) a large volume of phytoncides. The park, with its variety of trees several decades old, is the perfect place for what Koreans term “forest bathing,” in which people surround themselves with nature (particularly trees) to soak in their natural benefits.

In addition to the mazes of plants and stone, visitors are encouraged to check out the maze museum detailing the history of mazes starting from their origin in the 14th century. During the museum tour, visitors may also participate in hands-on activities such as puzzles and games.

How To Go There:

From the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take the Donghae Intercity Bus.
Get off at Pyeongdae-ri or Sehwa-ri.
Take the shuttle bus and get off at Bijarim Forest.

Donghae bus: Runs every 20min
Shuttle bus: Runs every hour / Travel time: 15min

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