Joanne Bear Museum – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Joanne Bear Museum

Joanne Bear Museum located in Jungmun Resort Complex in Seogwipo-si, on Jeju-do Island is a gallery exhibition hall for Joanne Oh, a world-famous teddy bear artist. The museum, which boasts the motto “nature and environmentalism”, showcases teddy bears that are made of all-natural materials. The eco-friendly pieces mimic the natural beauty of Jeju Island and give visitors a feeling of comfort and refreshment.

Joanne Bear Museum features a variety of teddy bears, polar bears, and ‘joon bears’ that were created based on the character of Bae Yong-joon, a famous Hallyu star. Due to the ‘joon bear’s world-wide acclaim, the museum is frequently visited by many Japanese tourists.

At the museum, visitors can watch Joanne Oh’s teddy bear making process in person. The museum offers other conveniences as well: a café on the second floor and a backyard garden. Visitors are even permitted to go to the rooftop to enjoy the view. A variety of cultural events are also offered to double your fun. Those who wish to have a ‘joon bear’ of their own may purchase a mini joon at the museum’s souvenir shop.

Joanne Oh, as a teddy bear artist, has given much thought on her role in saving polar bears from endangerment. As a result, she has designed a family of polar bear teddies and launched a campaign called STPB (Save the Polar Bear). She continues to seek to expand her efforts to preserve nature and help the environment.

How To Go There:

* Take a limousine bus 600 (departs every 15 min) to Jungmun Resort (get off at Shilla Hotel, Lotte Hotel or Jeju International Convention Center), and take a taxi to the museum.

* A shuttle bus is available from the Jeju ICC for tour groups of 5 or more. Please make reservations at least three days in advance.

* For visitors staying near the Jeju ICC, start at the ICC cross-roads and walk for about 1.3km towards Daepo Port. Take the upward sloping road that is located on your left between Eorang sushi restaurant and Naples Inn. Walk up the road for about 300m. You will see the Joanne Bear Museum on your right.

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