Jeju Horse Park – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island


The Jeju Horse Park offers a venue to understand Jeju’s horse culture in an easy and fun way. The park has kept intact a 600-year nomadic cultural history of nomadic cultures at the site of the Gasi-ri village which used to house Gammajang, the place for raising the best horse during Joseon Dynasty. The park includes the Jeju Horse Museum, Ttarabi horseback riding place, Maeum Cafe, Mongol Ger Guesthouse, camping site, art shop, and an experience place to focus on the Project for a New Cultural Space Creation through the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The Jeju Horse Museum was the first national museum created by a village and its main theme covers the history and culture of the village is also regarded as a new kind of community business model.

How To Go There:

1. From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 100 and get off at Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal (approx. 15-20 min).
2. From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take the bus bound for Beonyeong-ro and get off at Gasi Sageori or Gasi-ri Nonghyup Bus Stop (approx. 1 hr).

– Direct route to Gari-si: 06:28 / 11:28 / 15:28 / 18:28 (4 times a day)
– No buses after 18:28 from Pyoseon to Garsi-ri so take a taxi instead.

* Transfer a to a bus bound for Gasi-ri from the opposite side of the bus stop and get off at Gasi-ri Nonghyup Bus Stop (approx. 15 min).
* Take a 5-min taxi ride to Jung Seok Aviation Pavilion (정석항공관).


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