Jeju Aerospace Museum – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Jeju Aerospace Museum

A new leap in aerospace and aircraft history has been made on Jeju Island with the grand opening of the Jeju Aerospace Museum on April 24, 2014.

The Jeju Aerospace Museum (JAM) is an aviation and space-themed state-of-the-art museum that provides both education and entertainment through its exhibitions and experience programs.

Inside, visitors can find items that are representative of the world’s history in aerospace technology and space science. One can also trace the footsteps of the Korean Air Force from the retired planes displayed in the hall. Astronomy-related stories from the ancient times to the early days of space exploration are also showcased.

Through the exhibition, visitors can travel back 13.7 billion years to learn more about the creation of the universe and discover interesting facts about our solar system, the galaxy and massive black holes. The museum also presents diverse hands-on activities such as touching actual meteorites, sitting in the cockpit of real aircrafts, and future space exploration through a cutting-edge multimedia experience.

As Asia’s largest aerospace museum, JAM aims to promote the country’s efforts for innovation in the technology of flight. It is an ideal place for visitors of all ages to comprehend the evolution and impact of aviation, space exploration, and new breakthroughs in astronomy.

How To Go There:

1) From Jeju-si, take 755 and get off at O’sulloc Bus Stop.

2) From Seogwipo-si and Jungmun Resort, take Bus 780 or 961 and get off at Donggwangyuk-geori (street) Bus Stop.
Transfer to Bus 755 and get off at O’sulloc Bus Stop.

3) From Hallim, take Bus 967 and get off at O’sulloc Bus Stop.

From O’sulloc Bus Stop, it is a 20 minute walk.

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