Dokkebi Park – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Dokkebi Park

Dokkebi Park (도깨비 공원) is a fun place, filled with huge dokkebi (Korean goblins) characters made from steel and all kinds of materials. As well as big statues, there are many smaller dokkebi themed items found throughout the park that have been placed by creative dokkebi artists. Some of these are made from broken household items, such as shovels, stoves, and brooms, as well as old pine trees or basalt rocks. Dokkebi Park has some 2,300 items that resemble dokkebi, which have been made personally by professional designers over the last seven years. You can also let your imagination run wild and make your own dokkebi at Dokkebi Park.

Performances and events with a dokkebi theme also take at the park. Visitors will enjoy the dancing and singing dokkebis, along with other fun-filled events and activity programs. At night the park becomes an exciting wonderland, with light displays creating stars and other fun effects. Catchy music creates a festive mood in this Korean goblin fantasy world.

Activity programs include making dokkebi themed masks and candles (In general, these programs are available year-round, but may be subject to change based on circumstances.)

How To Go There:

From Jeju International Airport take bus No. 100 and get off at the Intercity Bus Terminal (제주시외버스터미널). Take bus 97 for Beonyeong-ro (번영로) and get off at Pyoseon (표선). The park is a 2-3 minute walk on the other side of the road from the bus stop.

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