Bultapsa Temple – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Bultapsa Temple

Bultapsa Temple is a branch of Gwaneumsa Temple, the headquarters of the 23rd district of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It was built in 1914 by Monk Anbongryeogwan at the site of Wondangsa, a temple during the Goryeo Dynasty. After undergoing expansion in 1934, a prayer hall spanning four kans (a Korean unit of measurement referring to the square space created by 4 wooden posts in a traditional building; roughly 6 to 8 feet from post to post) was built. Most of the temple was destroyed during the Jeju Uprising on April 3, 1948. It was rebuilt in 1953.

Today, the temple has Daeungjeon Hall, Yosachae monk quarters, Jonggak Bell Tower, and Cheonwangmun Gate. The five-story stone pagoda is Jeju’s only stone pagoda from the Goryeo Dynasty. It was designated Treasure No. 1187 in November 1993.

How To Go There:

From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus 100 (Halla University. Samyang) at Intercity Bus Terminal Bus Stop.
Get off at Samyang Jongjeom Bus Stop (28 bus stops).
From the bus stop, walk toward Daeu APT and take a right at Wondang-ro 15 gil.
Take Wondang-ro 16-gil for 360m and the temple will be on the left.

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