Direction To SLOW CITI Hostel


From the Jeju Airport:

A. Exit from gate no.5 on the ground floor of the airport and take the ‘Airport Limousine’ bus no. 600
B. Get off at the ‘New Kyung-nam tourist hotel’ stop (it takes about 1hour 20mins)
C. Cross the street towards the hotel, then walk towards the gas station.
D. Cross to ‘A-rang joeul food street 1st’ (아랑조을거리 1번가) (It take about 3 minutes from the bus stop)
E. Look for ‘Yong-e sik dang’ restaurant (용이식당). ‘It is the most famous restaurant on ‘A-rang joeul food street 1st’
F. SLOW CITI located down the street on your left hand side.

From the ferry:

A. Take a taxi to ‘Jeju City Hall’ bus stop. (제주시청 건너편 5.16도로방향 버스정류장) Show this to the taxi driver.
B. Take bus no.780 to Seogwipo city, get off at the ‘Jung-ang Rotary’ stop (about 50 min)
C. If you are facing the Paris Baguette head left towards the bank.
D. Take your secnnd right. (you will pass a bus shelter and GS 25 store)
E. Turn left onto ‘A-rang joeul food street 1st’ (you will pass under an archway)
F. SLOW CITI is located just down the road on your right hand side.

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