Direction To Island Guesthouse

Island Guesthouse

Please read this file carefully.
Recommend you print out for direction.
From airport:

Direct bus from airport to the guesthouse:
Please take the bus no. 755 ( English Education Town Direction) and get off at Insongri bus station. It take around 40 mins from the airport.

06:07 ,06:57,07:57, 09:07, 10:27 , 11:47 , 13:07, 14:27 ,15:47 , 17:07, 18:27, 19:47

* By bus
– Take a bus no.100 from the airport.
– Get off the bus at the Jeju Bus Terminal. (5~7 mins from the airport, 1,000 won)
– Take a bus to Bosung
– Get off the bus at InSong-Ri. (around50 mins from the bus terminal, 2,500 won)
– 5 mins walk from the bus stop

*T-money card user doesn’t need to pay extra when you transfer the bus*

* By taxi
– 30,000 won, 40 mins from the airport
Address: 서귀포 대정읍 보성리 1612-4
Make sure you find a taxi with GPS.
– Show the korean address to the driver.

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