Jeju Nanta Theatre – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Jeju Nanta Theatre

Jeju opened an exclusive theatre for Nanta, a non-verbal performance, which has now become a representative cultural tourist item in Korea, on April 2008. The Jeju Theatre for Nanta, located at Art Theater of Jeju Media Center, has a total of 336 seats inclusive of 128 of VIP seats and 208 of S-class seats. Visitors may enjoy the exciting rhythm of Nanta, which is marking its 11th year in Jeju Island, a natural tourist attraction in Korea. The non-verbal performance has become one of the most popular events among local/international visitors to Jeju as the place has relatively fewer leisure activities to do at night.

How To Go There:

From Jeju International Airport, take bus 200 or 300.
Get off at Jeju Culture & Art Center. (문예회관; Munye Hoegwan)
Walk 300m towards Sinsan Park.

Take a taxi from Jeju International Airport to Jeju Media Center. (10-15min)

Jeju Mini Land – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Jeju Mini Land

Taking over 5 years to complete, Jeju Mini Mini Land is a spacious park featuring miniature versions of famous attractions from around the world. Over 116 architectural wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites from 50 different countries are represented in the park. To name a few, the park offers miniature Bulguksa Temple, the Statue of Liberty, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and so on. The original works are reproduced at 1/15 or 1/30 of their original size. As the first miniature park in Korea, it has become one of the most popular attractions on Jeju Island.

Some great attractions are located nearby the park, such as Manjanggul Cave, Bijarim Forest, Jeju Stone Museum, Sangumburi Crater, Myeongdoam Tourist Ranch, Brazil Folk Performance Hall, Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest, and the Seongeup Folk Village.

How To Go There:

* From Jeju International Airport, Jungmun, Seogwipo
Take a bus towards Namjoro from the Jeju cross-country Bus Terminal and get off at Mini Land.
(travel time 35 – 50min)

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island


Ripley’s “Believe It or Not!” Museum (originally created by Robert Ripley) is the largest museum franchise business in the world, with 31 locations worldwide. The new branch on Jeju Island (near the entrance of Jungmun Resort, Seogwipo-si) is the 32nd location and 11th country for the chain. The Jeju branch of the museum consists of 12 galleries, an outdoor park, souvenir shop, and a coffee house.
The museum will feature as many as 700 astounding, one-of-a-kind items collected by explorer Robert Ripley (1893∼1949), during his travels of over 35 years to 198 different countries. Visitors to the museum will be awed by a large selection of hard-to-believe pieces including part of the Berlin Wall from 1989, meteorites from Mars, and a life-size model of man that’s part Unicorn. All the items on display come complete with anecdotes and historical explanations, which present an amusing alternative to traditional museums.

How To Go There:

* Take Bus #600 (Airport Limousine) and get off at Jungmun Resort (departs every 15 min / travel time: about 50 min)


Maze Land – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Maze Land

Maze Land is a themed park boasting the world’s longest stone maze, measuring roughly 5.3km in total length. The maze is made mainly using stone and wood found on Jeju and is created to reflect the Jeju principle of “three somethings” (Samda), which describes the things abundant on Jeju Island: rocks, wind, and women. Not just a fun activity for you and your friends, the maze is also good for your health, as the stone emits high levels of far-infrared radiation and the wood (T. occidentalis) a large volume of phytoncides. The park, with its variety of trees several decades old, is the perfect place for what Koreans term “forest bathing,” in which people surround themselves with nature (particularly trees) to soak in their natural benefits.

In addition to the mazes of plants and stone, visitors are encouraged to check out the maze museum detailing the history of mazes starting from their origin in the 14th century. During the museum tour, visitors may also participate in hands-on activities such as puzzles and games.

How To Go There:

From the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take the Donghae Intercity Bus.
Get off at Pyeongdae-ri or Sehwa-ri.
Take the shuttle bus and get off at Bijarim Forest.

Donghae bus: Runs every 20min
Shuttle bus: Runs every hour / Travel time: 15min

Dokkaebi Road – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Dokkaebi Road

The Jeju Mysterious Road, also known as Dokkaebi Road, lies on a hill at the foot of a mountain, and connects two major highways on Jejudo Island. It has earned its name, as objects and liquid appear to roll and flow up the hill instead of down, when, in fact, such image of gravity defiance is an optical illusion rendered by the seemingly high surroundings.

How To Go There:

Take a taxi from Jeju International Airport to the Mysterious Road (신비의 도로; Sinbieui Doro).

Zipline Jeju – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Zipline Jeju

Zipline Jeju is located within Cave Café Daheeyeon, a green tea theme park on the outskirts of the Geomun Oreum volcanic site, a UNESCO-designated World Natural Heritage site. Zipline Jeju has four different courses of approximately 1 kilometer in length, and offers the experience of flying by zooming down on a wire cable. Ziplining is an innovative leisure sport that can be enjoyed year-round with family and friends. It offers a thrilling ride experience in the sky, which is a good way to escape the stress of daily life. At Cave Café Daheeyeon, visitors can relax while touring the beautiful green tea fields, and feel invigorated by the active zipline experience.

How To Go There:

1) From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 38 to Hamdeok Beach. (1 hour intervals)
2) From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 100 to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.
From Jeju Terminal, take a bus bound for Ilju Road (Eastern) and get off at Hamdeok.

From Hamdeok Beach, take a local bus (bound for Seonheul-ri) or a taxi to Daheeyeon.
(Local bus schedule: 1 hour – 1hr,30min intervals)

It takes 40-50min by taxi from Jeju International Airport to Daheeyeon.

Camellia Hill – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Camellia Hill

Camellia Hill is a camellia arboretum that was created on a plot of land in Sangchang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Jeju-do that spans 172,000 square meters. The arboretum is home to 6,000 camellia trees of 500 different species including species that are known to produce the world’s largest and earliest blossoms. In addition to camellia trees, the arboretum also boasts palm trees, wildflowers, and other plants as well as a sprawling grass plaza and an ecological pond. Auxiliary facilities include a gallery exhibiting camellia-themed handicrafts and a multipurpose seminar room. Camellia Hill also offers a variety of lodging facilities ranging from thatched cottages and wooden cottages to steel houses and a condominium-type resort.

How To Go There:

From Jeju International Airport, take bus 780 to sangchangri.
-Get off and cross the road.
-Transfer to 940 circular line and get off at camellia garden bus stop.
From Jeju International Airport, take bus 702 to Changcheon primary school.
-Get off and cross the road.
-Transfer to 940 circular line and get off at camellia garden bus stop.

40min by taxi from Jeju International Airport to Camellia Hill.

Eco Land Theme Park – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Eco Land Theme Park

Eco Land Theme Park is built in the 1km² Gotjawal primeval forest. Visitors can explore around in a train that looks like 1800s’ steam powered Baldwin train. The five Baldwin train look-alike operated in the park were specially ordered and manually manufactured in UK. In the large Gotjawal forest with railway trails, visitors can see a variety of plants, animals, and insects living in the mysterious Gotjawal forests, while touring around by the special train. It also has a lake for visitors to experience the ecosystem of the forest, take a walk, and enjoy picnic. Besides, there are many things to enjoy including Eco Bridge, Hovercraft, Eco Windmill, Picnic Garden, Kid’s Town, Eco Road, Bare Foot on Scoria, Floating Café, and topiary art works. .

How To Go There:

From Jeju International Airport, take bus 100 or a taxi to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.
From Jeju Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Namjoro (남조로).
Get off at Jeju Stone Park Bus Stop (제주돌문화공원).

From Jeju Airport, take a taxi to Eco Land Theme Park (approx. 50min).

Roe Deer Observation Center – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Roe Deer Observation Center

Roe Deer Observation Center, opened in August 2007, offers a place where you may observe and watch over 200 roe deer romping around the field. Also, the park has a theatre in which you may learn about the life of a roe deer. Moreover, a wide variety of programs are offered to the visitors including eco-life experience program and feeding roe deer. City Tour Bus program is also available for those who wish to take a tour around the park on a bus.

How To Go There:

From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 300 or 38 to Dongmun Rotary (동문로터리).
– Transfer to Bus 1 and get off at Jeolmul Recreation Forest (절물자연휴양림).
– Roe Deer Observation Center is about 500m away from the bus stop.

Yakcheonsa Temple Stay – Best Place To Visit In Jeju Island

Yakcheonsa Temple Stay

Yakcheonsa Temple, located in Daepo-dong, Seogwipo-si in Jeju Island, has a temple stay program offering an opportunity to look back on your life and experience traditional Buddhist culture. Upon joining the program, you may learn temple etiquette, take Yebul (Buddhist service), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Haengseong (walking meditation) and may also experience the life of a Buddhist practitioner.

How To Go There:

Jeju International Airport (Limousine bus) From the bus stop right in front of the airport, take Airport Limousine Bus 600. Get off at Yakcheonsa Temple(약천사).
* Bus schedule: 20min intervals