Direction To Be Road House

Be Road House

How to get to Guest House BeRoad;

1- It takes 20 minutes by car from the airport.
If you rent a car, pls enter the address “52-1 Sinchon 5-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea” into a navigation system in your car.

2- At the airport, take city bus No 38(in a direction of ‘Hamdeok’) and get off the bus stop ‘Entrance of Daeseom’. It takes around 40 minutes and the bus comes every 40-50 minutes.

3- At the airport, take city bus No. 100 (20 minutes’ interval) and get off the bus stop ‘Intercity bus terminal’ and then, transfer to intercity bus No. 700 and get off the bus stop ‘Entrance of Daeseom’.

Direction To Jejubp Hostel

Jejubp Hostel

Taxi: 5 minutes from Jeju international airport
About 4,000 KRW
Bus: Outside Jeju international Gate 2, there will be 2 bus-stops. Take the ones on the right hand side, the buses heading to Sinjeju: the 200, 500, and 70.
Get off at Dohodong bus-stop and go the opposite direction that the bus is now heading. Go straight through the immediate intersection and take a right at the next intersection. As you turn the corner, you will see a large white church on the left hand side. Jeju BP Guesthouse sits just across the street from the church.

Step5. In front of church, we are here!!

Direction To Badabyul Guest n Dive

Badabyul Guest n Dive

-From Jeju Airport: Bus terminal -> take bus for Namjo-ro and take off at Namwon-ep office, then transfer to dong il ju bus to ‘Taeheung entrance to the fishing village fraternities’ and walk 2min to our guesthouse
-From Seaguepo : take bus number 701 (takes 30 mins)

Direction To Hostel Lyndon

Hostel Lyndon

By bus(about 15~20) Total fare : 1,200KRWTake a bus no.100 at the gate no.2 of the 1st floor Jeju airport and get off at TamnaWelfare Center.

ByTaxi(about 10~13) Total fare : 5,000KRW Please find a 8-Storey building which has “Modigliani Clinic (모딜리아니 의원)” at the 1st floor, which is located next to CGV Theatre near Gwangyang Intersection in Jeju City Hall area. HOSTEL LYNDON is at the 6th floor of this building.

Direction To Jeju Hiking Inn

Jeju Hiking Inn

Jeju Hiking Inn is located in Seogwipo City, only a 3 minutes walk from the harbour and the Limousine Bus (line 600) that connects you to Jeju International Airport.
This bus runs every 10 minutes. Please get off the bus at Seogwipo Sunbeach Hotel.
Hiking Inn is 2 minutes walking down to the bus way and turn to right to cheonjiyeon waterfalls.

Direction To The Forest Hostel

The Forest Hostel

From Jeju International Airport
> By bus
– Take #100 bus @ Gate #2, get off at Dongmun Rotary Stop
– Walk towards the direction where the bus came from, cross the first pedestrian crossing towards Sanjicheon Park.
– Walk into the street between Issac Toast and Standard Chartered Bank
– Lookout for a building which looks like a forest, that’s where you’ll be staying
>By Taxi
– Take taxi from Jeju international airport taxi stop
– Get off at Dongmun Rotary
– Find Standard Chartered Bank
– Walk into the street between Isaac Toast and Standard Chartered Bank
– Lookout for a forest-like building

From Jeju Port
>By taxi
– Take a taxi at the taxi stand and say a driver to go ‘Dongmun Rotary Bun-su-dae'(To the Dongmun Rotary Water Fountain).
– Walk into the street between Standard Chartered Bank and Isaac Toast (Gwandeok-ro 15-gil 7-1). the Forest Hostel is the green building on the left about 50 steps down the street.
(2800KRW / 5 mins)

Direction To Island Guesthouse

Island Guesthouse

Please read this file carefully.
Recommend you print out for direction.
From airport:

Direct bus from airport to the guesthouse:
Please take the bus no. 755 ( English Education Town Direction) and get off at Insongri bus station. It take around 40 mins from the airport.

06:07 ,06:57,07:57, 09:07, 10:27 , 11:47 , 13:07, 14:27 ,15:47 , 17:07, 18:27, 19:47

* By bus
– Take a bus no.100 from the airport.
– Get off the bus at the Jeju Bus Terminal. (5~7 mins from the airport, 1,000 won)
– Take a bus to Bosung
– Get off the bus at InSong-Ri. (around50 mins from the bus terminal, 2,500 won)
– 5 mins walk from the bus stop

*T-money card user doesn’t need to pay extra when you transfer the bus*

* By taxi
– 30,000 won, 40 mins from the airport
Address: 서귀포 대정읍 보성리 1612-4
Make sure you find a taxi with GPS.
– Show the korean address to the driver.

Direction To Tangza Salon

Tangza Salon

Getting off ‘Sewhari Gujoa-Nonghyup’ bus stop after taking east-rounded bus at Jeju bus terminal nearby the airport. If using taxi or rent-a-car, come by ‘Haenyu museum’ and call us 070-8821-8484. We’ll escort you. If you get a navigation, just set the address ’22 Sehwa-ri, Gujwa-up, Jeju-si’.

Direction To Lefthander Guesthouse

Lefthander Guesthouse

Take a bus,number 100, in front of Gate2, at the airport to Jeju bus terminal.
And transfer a ‘Dong-il-ju Bus'(No.701) and get off at ‘Haenye Bangmulgwan(Museum)(해녀박물관). It take about 1 hour from Bus Terminal to Haenyeo Museum

After then you just follow signposts of LEFTHANDER.
You can see LEFTHANDER in 3 minutes.

Direction To SLOW CITI Hostel


From the Jeju Airport:

A. Exit from gate no.5 on the ground floor of the airport and take the ‘Airport Limousine’ bus no. 600
B. Get off at the ‘New Kyung-nam tourist hotel’ stop (it takes about 1hour 20mins)
C. Cross the street towards the hotel, then walk towards the gas station.
D. Cross to ‘A-rang joeul food street 1st’ (아랑조을거리 1번가) (It take about 3 minutes from the bus stop)
E. Look for ‘Yong-e sik dang’ restaurant (용이식당). ‘It is the most famous restaurant on ‘A-rang joeul food street 1st’
F. SLOW CITI located down the street on your left hand side.

From the ferry:

A. Take a taxi to ‘Jeju City Hall’ bus stop. (제주시청 건너편 5.16도로방향 버스정류장) Show this to the taxi driver.
B. Take bus no.780 to Seogwipo city, get off at the ‘Jung-ang Rotary’ stop (about 50 min)
C. If you are facing the Paris Baguette head left towards the bank.
D. Take your secnnd right. (you will pass a bus shelter and GS 25 store)
E. Turn left onto ‘A-rang joeul food street 1st’ (you will pass under an archway)
F. SLOW CITI is located just down the road on your right hand side.

Direction To Worlang House

Worlang House

By Taxi
Take a short distance taxi and come to Jeju chukhyup Namnyeongro Jijum (제주축협,Jeju Chukhyup Bank Namnyeongro Branch). It’s about 50 meters away from the bank to west (2 blcok) – self Laundromat
Total Fare : Around 3,500KRW

By Bus
Take the number 500 bus and 200 bus at gate no.2 of the 1st floor, Jeju airport and get off at Worlang maul (Worlang village). It’s next to Halla hospital.
From there, it is a 3 minute-walk.(Go straight about 300meters at the road between Neighborhood hotel and Hyeondae insurence bulding then you’ll see 24hrs self laundromat (selfia). Worlang guesthouse is 3F.
– Total Fare : 1,000KRW

Direction To The Danvillage Guesthouse

The Danvillage Guesthouse

From Jeju International Airport..
Get on No. 100 Bus to intercity bus terminal(시외버스터미널)
Affter get on # 702 Bus(서회일주노선) to Gosan(고산’)
for 1hour 10mins.
You get off Gosan Post Office(고산우체국).

Call us Whe you arrived in Gosan Post Office(고산우체국). We will pick you up.

Second way. take a taxi
From Jeju International Airport..
Take a taxi to Gosan-Ri. it’s coast about 30,000won.(고산2리 복지회관, 단빌리지게스트하우스)

Direction To Doona Guesthouse

Doona Guesthouse

*By bus
(1)By Jeju Airport Limousine
-Get off the bus at the Seogwipo KAL hotel(last station), walk 20 min, by taxi 5min(2,500KRW).
-Airport Limousine(5,500KRW), it takes about 1h 10m.
-Pick up service at the airport, it is available for 2 or more people(20,000KRW per person)

(2)By Seogwipo Bus
-Get on the bus No. 2 in front of Dunkin Donuts at Seogwipo central rotary, and off at the Bomok-dong NongHyup(HamDeok-gol).
-Seogwipo bus(1,300KRW), it takes about 10min.

*By taxi
-50min from Jeju airport(about 35,000KRW)
-if you take a taxi inner Seogwipo city(about 4,000KRW)

Direction To Greenday Guest House

Greenday Guest House

1.From the Airport
Take City Bus No.500(Jeju University direction) or No.36, No. 37 and get off at the ‘Si min he gwan ‘(시민회관) stop. Walk down towards Nam Mun Junction(남문사거리) and turn left and walk straight to Nam Elementary Shcool(남초등학교) then you will see the sign ‘Green Day Guest House'(그린데이 게스트하우스) on the street.


Take a taxi and ask for ‘남초등학교’ ‘nam cho deung hak kyo’ and have the taxi driver call us at 070 7840 2533

2.From Jeju Bus Terminal
Take No.100 and get off at the ‘Si Min He Gwan’ bus stop.

Direction To Kims Cabin

Kims Cabin

From Jeju Airport
Take public bus to INTERCITY BUS TERMINAL. It will take about 10 minutes (fare: about U$1.00).
At BUS TERMINAL take INTERCITY BUS of EASTCOAST LINE(interval 15-20 minutes, fare:U$3.00)
Get off the bus at SIHEUNG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL(STARTING POINT OF 1st OLLE ROUTE).About 50 meters back you will find the mouth of 1st OLLE ROUTE on the left. 10 minutes walk along OLLE ROUTE white KIMSCABIN wll be in front of your eyes. If you have any trouble please call us for picking up you at bus stop.

Direction To Arthouse Airport

Arthouse Airport

From Airport
By Taxi(Total Fare:3,000~4,000KRW/about 5mins)
By Bus(Total Fare:1,000KRW/about 10 mins/number 500/ yongmun village bus stop, walk about 5 mins.)
By Scooter and Rent car (about 5 mins)

Direction To SUM Guest House Jeju Airport

SUM Guest House Jeju Airport

The SUM is located in the center of Jeju city.
It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from Jeju Airport and 1 minute by walk from Jeju Bus Terminal.

From Jeju Airport
By bus: Take the number 100 bus (1F Gate #2) and get off at Jeju bus terminal. From there, you can see the SUM.
By taxi: Get off at Jeju bus terminal. (Around 3,000KRW)

From Jeju Port Terminal
By bus: Take the number 92 bus(1,000KRW)and get off at Jungangno crossroads(KB bank) then transfer to the number 100 bus(1,000KRW) and get off at Jeju Bus Terminal. From there, you can see the SUM.
By taxi: Get off at Jeju bus terminal. (Around 4,000KRW)

Direction To B&B Pan

B&B Pan

By bus–
Take 100 bus at the airport and get off at Joongangro stop.(takes 15min) walk straight in bus’s ongoing direction (toward breakwater) You should pass through undergrond passway. exit no.5 top-dong. After passing by Shin-han bank on the right, you can see Namyang Chicken restaurant. Turn right on that corner, and 3rd house of wooden gate is BnB PAN guesthouse.There is a English signboard there.

By taxi–
Tell the driver to ‘Top-dong Shinhan bank. (takes 10min) Refer to upper indications please.

Direction To U & I Guesthouse

U & I Guesthouse

We are in the center of Jeju City and close to City Hall. You can get off from the bus stop at Jeju City Hall. From there, go behind Baskin Robbins. You will see a narrow street. Go straight and U & I Guesthouse will be to your right.

Direction To Backpacker’s Home

Backpackers Home

From the Jeju Airport.

1.Go to the Exit number 5 on the ground floor of
the Jeju Airport.
2.Take the Airport Limousine numbered 600.
3.Your destination ‘New Kyung-nam hotel’
4.The travel time would be around 80min. to
‘New Kyung-nam hotel’
5.We are located at the behind alley of the
‘New Kyung-nam hotel’ building
By Taxi

1.Tell the driver “Sam-bo-shik-dang” (삼보식당) in
2.We’re located just in front of the “Sam-bo-shik-dang”.
-“Sam-bo-shik-dang” is one of the famous Korean
restaurants in Seogwipo.
3.If your driver doesn’t know it, let the driver make a
call to us.

*Backpacker’s Home mobile phone 010-7552-4002

*Please note that when you take a taxi from anywhere in Seogwipo to get back to Backpacker’s home,
“Sam-bo-shik-dang” would be a good landmark.