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Jeju Island is an international and domestic tourist destination in South Korea. This place is popular for a wide range of activities, natural sites and manmade places for entertainment.

Jeju Island is a small island with a warmer climate than the mainland, and beautiful scenery. White sandy beaches washed by turquoise sea surround the coastline. Waterfalls splash into rivers and even into the sea at one point, while the central area has mountains with Mt Halla the centrepiece. Famous for its unique network of lava tubes, Jeju is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Places To Visit


There are two major cities on Jeju that lie on the central northern and southern region of the island respectively; and these are the capital Jeju City and Seogwipo. Most visitors land at the airport in Jeju City. As expected, it has a plethora of accommodation options, bars, shops, restaurants and other commercial establishments. But it is interesting to note that the most prominent attractions on the island are outside Jeju City. From here you have options to either book tours to the attractions or rent transport and drive yourself. Seogwipo is an excellent alternative base for people exploring the island.

However, if you do not like staying in the urban areas, you can also opt to stay in one of the smaller yet charming villages, situated along the island’s coastline or in the island’s interior. Some of the most popular villages include Gimyeong, Seongsan, Daecheong and Hallim. While there are many 4-5 star hotels on the island, staying at more affordable locally-own lodgings in villages supports the community.

Beaches like Iho, Hamdeok, Hyeopjae, and Geumneung are some of the main attractions on the island. In the sandy stretches, you can swim, sunbathe, play watersports and watch the dramatic setting of the sun. Hiking is one of the perfect adventure-seeking activities you can do on Jeju. A must-conquer hiking landmark is the Halla-san, the highest mountain in South Korea. The island also boasts a system of hiking routes called Olle-gil, which leads you to many very scenic places. The most popular sites that you to consider visiting on Jeju include the Cheonjaeyeon Waterfall, the Seongsan Ilchubong and Manjangul Lava-tube in the northern coast.

Fun Activities


Jeju offers its tourists a range of activities like hiking, diving, horse riding and more. Mt Halla is the highest peak of South Korea and offers trails for hiking to the top of the mountain. There are around five trails available in this place but not all lead to the top of the mountain. They are regularly closed and re-opened for conserving the place. It is suggested to inquire if the trails are open before you head to this destination. For experienced hikers Olle trails would be fun. This trail spans across the islands rocky coastline and has beautiful scenery along the way. Glass castle is one of Jeju glass sculpture theme park. They also offer you hands-on studio experience to craft your own work.

You will happen to see performances from Jeju woman divers along the coastline. They also have diving schools for you to learn and enjoy the diving experience.

Accommodation And Transport

Jeju is a safe place and it offers you both affordable budget accommodations such as guesthouse and luxury hotels in the city. Depending on your liking you can book your accommodation in Jeju in advance or during your travel. The common means of transportation in this place is bus. You may also want to hire a bike or motorcycle of your commutation if you know the place. Jeju offers private tour operators who arrange taxi and driver for your moving around the island. This would help you save cost and time.